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  • Destinations Of Marriott Weddings, Thailand

The Most Magical Wedding Destinations in Thailand

Destination Of Bangkok Marriott Weddings, Thailand


Thailand’s capital and a bustling metropolis, Bangkok is a quintessential urban destination, with touches of natural beauty throughout. The country’s epicenter of art, culture, and entertainment, Bangkok is marked by dazzling lights, vibrant attractions, and the scenic Chao Phraya River.
Destination Of Chiang Mai Marriott Weddings, Thailand

Chiang Mai

The largest city in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has something for everyone. With a mountainous landscape, vibrant nightlife scene, beautiful temples dating to the ancient Lanna kingdom, and a thriving business district, visitors will find appreciation for the outdoors, arts, and everything in between.
Destination Of Chiang Rai Marriott Weddings, Thailand

Chiang Rai

Located in the northernmost province in Thailand, this historic city is steeped in Lanna tradition, combining urban convenience with cultural charm. Home to ancient temples, beautiful artwork, and the flowing Kok River, Chiang Rai is a casual place to experience the essence of Thai history and hospitality.
Destination Of Hua Hin Marriott Weddings, Thailand

Hua Hin

A quaint seaside district once home to royal residences, this stretch of southern Thailand overlooks the Gulf of Thailand. Formerly a fishing village that still maintains its culinary roots, Hua Hin is an ideal destination for secluded getaways amidst sprawling parks, with plenty of water activities on its famous beach.
Destinations Estination Of Khao Lak Marriott Weddings Thailand

Khao Lak

This group of small villages located along the Andaman Sea is home to incredible natural landscapes, including tropical jungles and mountains, with more than 12 miles of beachy shoreline. For an authentic Thai experience rich in local customs and tradition, Khao Lak is one of the most charming destinations.
Destination Of Samui Marriott Weddings, Thailand


Teeming with beautiful beaches, coral reefs, coconut groves, and rainforests, this colorful island is surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand. Known for its magnificent sunsets and fresh-catch seafood, the island is a prime destination for annual events, festivals, and luxurious resort getaways to the beach.
Destination Of Krabi Marriott Weddings, Thailand


A popular beach vacation destination, Krabi is located in southern Thailand touching the Andaman Sea and home to more than 80 smaller islands. Famous for its rock formations, reefs, national parks, water sports, and immaculate beaches, Krabi is a quintessential coastal destination made for relaxation amid incredible island views.


Set on the eastern coast along the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is a playground waiting to be explored. Pristine beaches, verdant golf courses, endless nightlife and entertainment, dynamic dining, and water sports are the hallmarks of this vibrant coastal town.
Destination Of Phuket Marriott Weddings, Thailand


An enchanting group of islands located just off Thailand’s west coast, Phuket is surrounded by clear waters, with miles of white-sand shoreline and stunning beaches. Comprised of verdant rainforests and mountains, the province is the most popular and picturesque seaside destination in Thailand.
Destination Of Pranburi Marriott Weddings, Thailand


A quiet coastal town just south of Hua Hin on the eastern coast, Pranburi is a serene suburban destination that combines a rich history with a beautiful natural landscape. Known for its fishing culture, landmark temples and shrines, and artistic vibe, Pranburi is a one-of-a-kind destination for off-the-beaten-path visitors.
Destination Of Rayong Marriott Weddings, Thailand


For a unique getaway that’s at once relaxing and adventurous, this coastal city on the Gulf of Thailand blends colorful localized experiences with the comfort of a beach town. Take to land or sea to explore historic and modern attractions, shopping districts, and beautiful natural elements.
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