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06 Jun 2021
Wedding Inspirations
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Marriott Team


Four unique ways to host an unmatched wedding of your dream


If you are hosting a traditional Thai wedding but yearn to add your personal touches to the ceremony, you have come to the right place. In exploring our adventurous spirit, we have visualized four unique ways to make your big day extraordinary. Add more sparkles of magic to mark your new journey with a distinctive and joyful touch to every detail of your wedding day.


Without further ado, let's have a look at how you can make your wedding more delightful through your choice of decoration, dress code, catering, entertainment, and activities. Remember, you can change up the details however you like. It is your day to shine!


Decorate to Your Heart's Content


Theme! Theme! Theme! Literally, anything can be your wedding theme. Play out your childhood fantasy and allow yourself to get creative. From an ethereal enchanted woods celebration to a glitzy Hollywood-inspired reception, your imagination is the limit.


If you do not want to pull out all the stops and take the chance to surprise your guests, try adding small touches in décor instead. Small things make a huge difference. For example, flowers and greens bring a lush feel to your garden party, while lanterns add a touch of romance under the starlit sky.


Every loving detail counts. Jazz up the fresh flower centerpieces with dried flowers or leaves, hang pastel balloons above the table or replace the conventional guest nametags with origamis, and the list continues. Better yet, why not invite your guests to dress up to your theme and transport themselves into your magical world?


Dress to Impress


If you are a little shy about breaking traditions, we might have just the right fix for you. Did you know that dress codes are fantastic ways to step up your decoration game? You heard us right, dress code as decoration.


Traditionally, brides prefer to choose one key color theme for their wedding. While that is perfectly safe and delightful, take a minute to appreciate your bridesmaids as moving, living art. Imagine the colorful fabrics of their silk dresses brush and float around like watercolor strokes of various textures throughout your big day. Isn't that divine?


Give your bridesmaids the freedom to wear their most flattering dress (in cut and style) while sticking to the requested Pantone palette of your choosing. You are not obligated to match all of your bridesmaid dresses, so give your girlfriends the freedom to choose their own. It will surely add that extra radiance to your wedding day. Your girls will also love you more for it.


An opportunity for groomsmen to exercise their charm is to skip the tuxes and opt for navy blue suits with open-collar white shirts. Lose the jackets and throw on some suspenders for a more easy-going look. Whatever floats your boat.

We are saving the best for last. For daring brides only, express your originality with a non-conventional gown or costume that will have more than one life after your big day. We all know how much a stunning cascade of white fabric could cost. What's worse is we only wear it once. You can choose to keep the memories of your big day alive and close to your heart by selecting a gown that you can modify to re-wear again and again!


Consider a two-piece costume that you can guard either the top or the bottom (or both) to wear out on other occasions. You can pair your hand-embroiled bodysuit with a pair of sleek black pants for a night out or throw on a silk skirt wrap on a warm summer day. You are the artist, so go wild. 


Feast on the Extraordinary


The simplest and most delectable way to impress is through the stomach. There is absolutely nothing to stop you from getting creative with your food and beverages. Substitute the classic seven-tier wedding cake centerpiece with a cupcake tower or an Everest of chocolate brownie cookies. You could also consider a delicate crepe cake as a long single-layer masterpiece for all to share instead.


Give a bit of zing to your traditional dinner with additional live-cooking stations for a small gathering. Conversely, have your pass-around bites swoop by as you navigate through the crowd. You can even switch up your sit-down dinner celebration with a buffet-style spread and a fun make-your-own pizza station. A cocktail reception or an afternoon brunch by the pool are also enticing alternatives for a more casual and ever-so-cozy get-together.


Nothing screams generosity like a self-service bar. Show your guests how sweet you are with an endless supply of sugary treats from the popcorn and candy floss machines to a DIY Sangria setup. It will surely be an amusing night for all.


Exciting Entertainment


Breaking away from the traditional Thai wedding ceremony can be easily accomplished by simply tweaking your entertainment program. Think fun park. There is no one to stop you from organizing laughter-filled games and activities to bring your loved ones just a little closer, whether you are indoor or outdoor.


For an outdoor celebration, a game of croquet is a beautiful way to bond with your family and friends. For a more extravagant indoor affair, share and record unforgettable moments with a themed photo booth and fanciful props to match.  


There is no better way to forge a spirit of kinship than a bout of friendly competition. Choose well and pitch your bridesmaid tribe against that of the groomsmen to see where the fun will take you. Alternatively, you can adopt a colorful candy-filled piñata for an exotic touch to your recreation.   


Choose Your Adventure


As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You are the designer of your day, so go wild and do what makes your heart sing. Our suggestions are just a few unconventional ways to add some zest to your big day. There are plenty more things we can do together. Whenever you feel like it, give us a call.  We would be more than happy to sit down with you and think up some more creative ideas to make your wedding day extra special.


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