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07 Jan 2020
Wedding Destinations
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Marriott Weddings Thailand

City vs. Resort Weddings

Congratulations – you've found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your with! Now you have an answer, there's a whole new set of questions to consider so you can make it official on the big day.
Before you consider the wedding theme, entertainment, and other finer details, there's one big decision to be made when it comes to a Thailand wedding – city or resort?
Both options come with their obvious appeal and not-so-apparent challenges, but no matter where in Thailand the wedding is staged, or how important the traditions are, couples can look forward to beautiful settings and the warm hospitality that the kingdom is well known for.
A quick note: Although the distinction between "city" and "resort" is a little blurred in places like Pattaya and Chiang Rai, for the sake of this article, we have labelled the seaside destinations around Thailand as "resort".

City weddings

Nuptials hosted in destinations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai benefit from all the convenience and connectivity of a city.
Chances are, the vendors tasked with bringing your wedding dream to life will be based in the city already, making it possible for multiple meetings and run-throughs in advanced to ensure there's no unwanted surprises on the big day.
Availability of vendors: While it's possible to get everything you need for a Thailand beach wedding, cities by their nature offer a wider choice of vendors. By staying close to the source, you remove the need to fly in your preferred wedding photographer or make-up artist, and you don't have to settle for what's logistically possible. This increases the chance that you'll be able to secure exactly what you desire for your Thai wedding, and on the date and time you need it.
Easily accessible: If you have guests flying in from different places, having a city wedding makes it easy for them to get there from anywhere in the world. This accessibility very possibly means that more family members and friends will be able to celebrate your special day with you.
In the Thai capital, Marriott offers a choice of 19 unique properties for you to host a dream Bangkok wedding, ensuring there's a location, setting and price point for the wedding of your dreams.

Resort weddings

Exchange vows on the beach, then hold a twinkling reception under swaying palm trees with a serenade of gently lapping waves … the same allures that draw thousands of travelers to the beach every year make a Thailand destination wedding an ever-popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot.
Tropical splendor: Exchange your nuptials barefoot on soft sand with the sea breeze running through your hair. Beach weddings allow couples to pare back the formalities for a more relaxed celebration. Who needs elaborate decorations or uncomfortable formal wear when the stunning tropical location speaks for itself?
All-in-one appeal: When couples choose a tropical paradise, resort wedding guests can extend their stay into a vacation pegged onto the celebration. Newlyweds can also make the most of the romantic beach setting; from a wedding reception with friends and family, sail off into the sunset to enjoy a honeymoon getaway designed for two.
Whether it's a Phuket beach wedding, Koh Samui wedding in a private villa, a Krabi wedding of your dreams, or a memorable exchange of vows in Phang Nga, Hua Hin, or Pattaya, dedicated Marriott wedding teams and spectacular natural settings make resort destinations the perfect choice for an unforgettable celebration.
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